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The Antenna Point app is now accessible to all users!

Our Antenna Point app has been spreading joy and delivering free TV for quite some time now. However, the excitement was limited to iOS users. The good news? That's no longer the case! Antenna Point is now accessible to everyone with Android smartphones or tablets. No matter your device, you can now revel in the benefits of Antenna Point!

But what exactly is Antenna Point? It's the ultimate tool for setting up your HDTV antenna to enjoy free local and network broadcast TV. Over-the-air television is freely available to anyone with a TV antenna within reach of broadcast towers. The catch? Do you know where those towers are located? Do you understand if a 60-mile range TV antenna is necessary, or if a 35-mile range TV antenna would suffice for all the channels in your area?

Enter our free Antenna Point app! This mapping tool helps you visualize the distance coverage between your home and the broadcast towers. Remember, distance isn't the only consideration—terrain, tall structures, and trees can impact the signal your antenna receives. Finding the broadcast towers is your crucial first step in selecting the ideal TV antenna for your needs!

Discover the number of channels available in your area and the optimal direction to point your TV antenna for the finest reception! Grab the Antenna Point app on the App Store or Google Play now.