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Scissors cutting a cable TV cord over money
Welcome to KableKutterz

Where experience meets innovation in the world of cable cutting!

With over five decades of hands-on expertise, we take pride in revolutionizing the way you experience television and connectivity. Let us take you on a journey through the fascinating career of our founder and chief expert.

Meet Todd Rabin, Our Cable Cutting Maestro

For half a century, I've been at the forefront of antenna installation, witnessing the evolution of television from a mere seven channels to the vast digital landscape we have today. My journey began in Queens, where I honed my skills working for a TV repair shop, mastering the art of antenna installation when the options were limited but the possibilities were endless.

My dedication to precision and technical prowess led me to the United States Air Force, where I found myself on the front lines installing antennae ranging from radio equipment to the sophisticated systems supporting nuclear missile silos. This experience not only sharpened my technical skills but instilled a commitment to excellence and reliability that has been the hallmark of my career.

Post my Air Force days, I leveraged my expertise to transition into installing security systems and video cameras. The scope expanded as I ventured into installing life-saving radio antennae systems in some of New York City's tallest buildings. These systems, known as ARCS (Advanced Radio Communication Systems), were engineered to support the FDNY in critical situations.

As the landscape of technology continued to evolve, so did my expertise. I played a pivotal role in engineering and installing DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) for cellular communication in iconic NYC skyscrapers. The same buildings that housed life-saving radio systems became the backdrop for cutting-edge DAS installations, ensuring seamless connectivity for businesses and residents alike.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege to work on high-profile projects, including some of the most iconic locations in New York City:

  • 432 Park Avenue
  • 220 Central Park South
  • One Vanderbilt
  • Citi Field
  • JFK Airport Terminals (Delta, JetBlue, and American Airlines)
  • New York City Transit
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • LIRR East Side Access

At KableKutterz, we bring this wealth of experience to you, ensuring that your cable cutting experience is not just about technology but about a seamless, reliable, and cutting-edge connection to the world.

Welcome to a new era of cable cutting. Welcome to KableKutterz.